Help Me With - Movement Replication Based Off Camera Perspective

I was testing out perspective switching while playing multiplayer and came across an issue that I’m not sure how to approach per say…
If I have 2 3rd person characters and one goes into first person. How do I set it so the character the 2nd player sees, uses the first person movement?

I do not understand what your saying, first person and third person are client side and player movement is auto-replicated.

Does the picture not explain it?
The 1st person character is backwards when looking at the 2nd player (who is in 3rd person).
The 1st person character is able move all directions (moves like a 1st person character, always facing forward, toward the 2nd player), but the character that the 2nd player sees, uses the movement of a 3rd person character and not the movement that is being used by the 1st person character.

Hi @Zombicide-II

i recommend using a video to explain because the problem involves movement.

maybe this’ll help

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whoops…should be unlisted now

Ok. So what’s happening here is how Unreal handles first person 3rd person switching.

The first person mesh is always there, however it is set to OnlyOwnerSee and when you are in third person, it is invisible.

when you switch to first person, the first person meshes become visible, and the third person invisible.

The replication for the default third person character doesn’t care about the first person state, because if it did, when it switched, all the other person would see is a floating pair of hands.

What you need to do, is add animations for the full character that match up to your first person, then trigger them when in first person. You can then replicate this to a client, letting them see a *representation *of the first person view, but not the floating hands.

Ok, that makes sense. I’ll try that…

Ok so it worked for the 1st player but not the second player?
In the anim bp, I checked if character is in first person, then set yaw and orient to movement true or false in there.
That still not correct?

Seems like you’ve got it working right!

Your logic is sound, but I think the issue you show here is a replication issue from client to server.

I’m not versed on replication, so I can’t help much there. Just check over your server player side logic for checking the other character’s FPS status