Help me with a simple error in the header of the NvHairSdk

I have encountered the same problem, was it solved?

I’m having an error like dis below. At line 414.

Error C4596 ‘{ctor}’: Invalid qualified name in the UE4 C: \ Users \ User \ Desktop \ VFX \ 3D \ UE4 \ UE4GW \ Engine \ Source \ ThirdParty \ HairWorks \ Nv \ HairWorks \ NvHairSdk.h

Yes, I have already resolved

How you resolve this? My friend encountered the same problem

the first problem I had was that I was missing a lot of “dll” or “lib” if I am not mistaken in “windows SDK 8” in VS. to solve I copied everything that was missing from sdk 10 for SDK 8. already the hairworks problem I solved in that hairworks nv topic:

OBS: I was using a branch in version 4.16 with nv hair, volumetric light, flex, flow together but one finds errors also in the separate versions.

Thx a lot, we successfully fixed it.

It was a pleasure despite being a sacrifice to correct all these dramas mainly when one lives in Brazil