Help me pls

Hi i have a problème i have create a Blank file so i dont have a Thirdpersonne character so have i can do to import ThirdPersonneCharacter asset in my file (sorry for my English im French)
so can somebody help me please

How did you create the level?

If you want to find a 3PC to put in the level, go to the content browser and ‘thirdpersoncharacter’ in the search bar.

If you made a first person project, it’s possible to get a 3PC, but easier to just make a third person project.


(1) open a project where you have a third person character blueprint

(2) right click on the asset -> Asset Actions -> Migrate -> select the content folder of the project you want to migrate to (it will automatically migrate all referenced assets)

Here’s the doc and a step by step example:

nice thank you chrudimer it worked,thank you to clockworkocean for your answer.
but Now i have an owser probleme if you can help me just for this and after I don’t bother you anymore.

My probleme is this: when i click on blueprints i am not GameMode: Edit ThirdPersonGameMode me there is only GameMode: GameModeBase someone can help me please
(sorry i want send a picture for help you to understand buti cant i dont know why)

In the content browser tab click on the add new button. In the Blueprint Feature Tab choose Third Person then click on add to project. This will add the Third person Blueprint and all associated files you will need.

Hmmm, not quite sure I understand the problem, but if the problem is that you don’t have a ThirdPersonGameMode in your project, then you can migrate that the same way you did with the ThirdPersonCharacter Blueprint.

Doc on Gamemode: Game Mode and Game State | Unreal Engine Documentation

i want to do this Importation d'un personnage et des animations depuis Mixamo - Tuto Unreal Engine FR - YouTube but i have onely this :

i dont know how to migrate GameMode:thirdpersonGameMode in the other file who i dont have and the site you give me dont help me :frowning:

Finely i found my probleme Thank you all for help me