Help me out and I will release my 200+ asset pack for FREE

Hey guys. I set up a go fund me page in order to recover my work from a dead drive. However this isnt just for me! The 200 piece AAA quality medieval environment asset pack wich i was going to put up on the store will be promptly finished and released FOR FREE. Anything at all helps me a lot and even if you just share my go fund me on your facebook and twitter.

If it is a normal HDD you have a fairly good chance of recovering some data from it using another OS.

Or even using HDD recovery tools to aid in the process.

Backups!!! Why would you spend so much time on something and only have a single copy of it?

These guys can do it for $300. Good Luck.

Listen if it’s a normal old disk hard drive. You can buy the same used working one off interweb/ebay, and swap your disks into it.
I had to do this before. It’s the cost of a screwdriver set, and 2-50$ for a used drive. Chances are your readers, or circuit board took a dump. Unless its just the motor not spinning.
If it’s flash. good luck. Plug it into Linux, and you might be surprised at how readable it is. testdisk can recover data from disks like a boss. It’s a free ware. later when your ready. You can make a home server with it’s own cloud.

Thanks for this link, cool :wink: