Help me make a reactive capsule pushing system

I added that boolean and the two branches and everything shown but yet the wall was still able to push my player through the outer wall of the TPC template.


Ok I adjusted the codes as shown.
In wall BP -


I got a strange effect, the wall stops when it hits the player and does a fast twitching thing until player moves away and then it advances again. Let me show you.

Any ideas what is going on here? Thanks!




Had this glitchy character pushing behavior and I tried literally every configuration of the movement component on the editor I could think of. Either this thread or another already had the info that if the character is slowly moving that the pushing will work fine. However (to me) this is not an option because it is not reliable and I don’t want characters to slowly move away from their spot.
I began using ALS (Advanced Locomotion System), the free plugin for human animations and I never noticed it again… Maybe they actually solved it. At some impact speeds it will trigger ragdoll as well which makes sense and works with pushing.

I don’t think it matters how fast or slow the movement is against the capsule the jerking would probably still remain.

ALS - I have not used it, from a few videos I watched it looks interesting. Seems pretty complex in its own right. Not sure it could help this situation though… But thanks for suggesting it!

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There is another thread recently that has a solution that ALMOST worked.

I have a feeling this system might could be used to solve this problem…but I honestly am not sure why this helps this problem.

Bump bump anyone have anything on this? thanks!

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Both Sweeps Off

Left node Sweep On, but Right node Sweep Off Yields - Y + smooth pushing

Right node Sweep On, but Left node Sweep Off Yields - X + smooth pushing

Both nodes Sweep On Yields - Y + smooth pushing

That solution (and I honestly don’t know why it helps this problem) can either be for the X or the Y, but not both simultaneously…why?

Well then…perhaps a way to make booleans fire sequentially but very very fast…would that work? What is happening here?


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And finally…this is it.

I found a combination that seemed to work both in X and Y. As far as I have seen, this seems to be the best capsule pushing element (for this problem IMHO) yet.

Simply place this in your third person character blueprint.

Leave X and Z alone in the two nodes. Set the left one to to 1 on the Y, and the right node to -1 on the Y. Set sweep off on the left one, sweep on on the right one.

I don’t fully understand how this works (something to do with collision calculation while moving?), but I’m not complaining. :slight_smile: I’m just glad this problem is finally solved.