Help! map is corrupted

I was working on my map and i added a lot of foliage, ( i already had a lot of foliage to begin with, but i didnt have a problem playing the game), I was in the midst of making a city and i wanted to check the scale, so i pressed play and then it crashed and i havent been able to open the map since. I can open the project, as long as i dont open the map. I also put the steel material on the foliage, but i think the foliage was so dense that it crashed(I already have a lot of foliage, but this wasnt a problem, nor did i know this could be a problem).

Can someone help or tell me how to open my map?

my specs are:

i5 4690k

gtx 1070

32gb ram

ssd 850 evo (project is on)

This is part of the text document detailing the crash toward the end:

[2016.11.14-16.09.36:563][ 0]LocalizationService: Info Localization service is disabled

[2016.11.14-16.09.36:615][ 0]LogConsoleResponse:Display:

[2016.11.14-16.09.36:707][ 0]LogCook:Display: Max memory allowance for cook 8192mb

[2016.11.14-16.09.36:707][ 0]LogCook:Display: Mobile HDR setting 1

[2016.11.14-16.09.36:783][ 0]LogFileCache: Scanning file cache for directory ‘A:/ECHO/Content/’ took 0.01s

[2016.11.14-16.09.36:783][ 0]SourceControl: Info Source control is disabled

[2016.11.14-16.09.36:783][ 0]Cmd: MAP LOAD FILE=“…/…/…/…/…/ECHO/Content/ECHO/ECHOVista.umap” TEMPLATE=0 SHOWPROGRESS=1 FEATURELEVEL=3

[2016.11.14-16.09.36:784][ 0]LightingResults: New page: Lighting Build

[2016.11.14-16.09.36:786][ 0]MapCheck: New page: Map Check

[2016.11.14-16.09.36:786][ 0]LightingResults: New page: Lighting Build

[2016.11.14-16.09.37:017][ 0]LogWindows: Windows GetLastError: The operation completed successfully. (0)

I was complaining to my gf and she brought up auto save. 5 minutes later i have most of my level back. Good day people.saved myself 4 hours after 1.5 hours of turmoil. I’m never turning off autosave again.