Help making my UI look good at all (UMG and Slate)

Currently I have a VERY simple UI. Two progress bars, one for health, one for fuel.

I’m trying to make it look good at all but these are some of my problems

  • For some weird reason I can’t add any blue. Like the blue value is locked to 0 (this doesn’t make it look bad per se but is a problem
  • No anti aliasing
  • When I add a picture that wraps perfectly, it’s got massive seams
  • I don’t seem to be able to make much/any control over the scaling/stretching of the picture
  • I don’t seem to have any control over the alpha channel for these, as far as fading into the actual 3D world (ideally I don’t have a background/empty colour on my slider, there would just be nothing

And so I’m also looking at Slate to take my wrapping images and make it look a bit better, or something. I find the lack of documentation difficult to deal with. Also can you use slate with BPs? (I don’t know any code)

ANY help is greatly appreciated

There is many tutorial in youtube did you check it ?

I generally dislike youtube tutorials (so slow) but I guess I will give them a go!