HELP - Lightmap Baking with Color Tint?


I have been pulling my hair out (not much left) trying to figure out what suddenly happened to the light baking in our project. I created a new level with a single white light and the light map is STILL baking with a redish tint. It is driving me crazy. Anyone have any advice for solution?

UPDATE: the materials are using Virtual Textures, as soon as I switched the material/textures to regular texture, the problem was resolved but I still need virtual texturing for the app.

UPDATE: Solved. I rebuilt the master material and it solved the problem.

Thank You,
Jeffrey Ian Wilson


How have you rebuild the master material? Also having this issue with virtual textures…

You just have a pointlight?
what are its settings?
Whats your base color view mode look like? Maybe share the overview - it could tell us which pass is at fault.