I am building a level in 4.12. All was good and it has been up and running perfectly.

I went to modify the lights and now i am getting issues. Everything looks fine in editor, the second I build to my Device, all the lights turn off. Before this i have packaged the project without an issue and the lights were fine…

And i cannot for the life of me figure it out…I have not changed anything in my level other than adding and modifying location of the lights.

This in my editor

This is on my device

Please help me!

You need to re-build your levels lighting as it is broken. This happened when you added / moved your current lights. If you look at the top of your 2nd screenshot you can see a red message that says(I think as I can not read it very well) lighting needs to be re-built. Just you know, each time you do something to a light, unless you are using fully dynamic lights, you will need to re-build your levels lighting or things will turn out black. You can read more about this using the following link.

Thanks, i guess that opens another issue… i am starting to get that message no matter what. I always build before i package and no matter what that error pops up.