[Help] Image Background for ArchViz Rendering

I am trying to figure out how to make an image background for ArchViz renderings. See the link below for a similar image for what I am trying to accomplish. I know the actual overlay will need to be done in Photoshop but I need a way to set up the camera to a similar perspective in UE. So far I have tried skyboxes, sprites, paper sprites in a camera blueprint, and just planes but nothing has aligned well enough to work with Photoshop. I don’t even know how many google searches I have done so far trying to figure this out but either what I’m searching is not the right thing or how I am wording it is wrong as well. The guy I work with does this in 3DS Max and its a breeze to do there but I do not know Max very well. Any thoughts on how to do this are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


A hdri sphere would possibly do that. Follow this tut…

This does not work, unless I did something wrong, as it takes a perspective image and maps it to a sphere which does not allow me to take the building fascade and align it to the correct perspective. My goal with this first attempt is to take an existing building and do a facade renovation. I have the new facade modeled and am just rendering the front wall of the building. Maybe this isn’t possible with UE but I am hoping it is.

Did you find a solution in all these years? I’m wasting days trying to achieve the same