Help! I think my computer is going crazy! Will it explode?

New UE4 user here. On using UE4 for the first time and building the below basic scene as shown in the photo, my computer’s GPU started to race and the temperature and RPM climbed to crazy high numbers as shown in the other photo below. I have 32GB RAM, a nice AMD Workstation Firepro W7000 4GB GPU and i7 3930K 3.60GHz.

You can actually hear the GPU racing loudly. If the screen is on idle, the racing stops. However when I resume navigating around the scene, the racing resumes accompanied by the temp and RPM rise.

I have a great system and am not sure why this problem exists. I am pretty sure that I need to tweak some of the UE4 settings because somewhere (I cannot remember where) I read that settings need to be tweaked depending on the PC etc for optimal performance per the GPU etc. and certain features need to be switched off to optimize performance. I don’t know what settings tweaks are needed though.


Please help with a possible diagnosis and solution because I don’t want this first impression to discourage me because I have seen that UE is awesome!

OP here again, for ease of comparison, see the lovely temp and RPM stats for my GPU below when I have closed and exited UE4 and my system is at rest:


The only thing that has been recommended to me too is to turn off real time rendering so the gpu won’t run crazy.
I’m sorry to say this, but explosion is imminent at your situation…


I turned off real time rendering and the problem is still there :frowning:

Workstation cards aren’t really designed for games, though the temperature increase is very odd. I’d probably mostly blame that on AMD.

I would cool it down with some ham and eggs quick!
Really fat system you own, but which gpu is running at your side? Integrated/onboard?
With UE4 my sys got really hot first time too, but in realtime mode.
I installed speedfan and drilled very proffessional holes for two fat vents into my lovely case.
Cool but ugly dustblower now…

Hahaha nice one!

Thanks all! I am between a rock and a hard place then. The workstation card was primarily for 3D apps like Maya; not sure if it would be wise or if there is anyone at all who uses both Maya and UE4 and actually has two GPUs - a gaming GPU for UE4 and a workstation GPU for Maya in the same system.

Is there an awesome universal GPU that has been professionally tried and tested for both UE4 and Maya that someone can recommend?

What do you even use Maya for? In absolutely most cases a gaming GPU will be a way better choice than a workstation GPU. The benefits of workstation GPUs will not affect most users and you’re mostly just paying exaggerated prices for stuff you don’t need. It’s a niche product with an exaggerated price for those large companies that doesn’t care what it cost. A gaming GPU will handle Maya just as well if not better in most cases and the only thing some of them lack is things like double precision floating point that is irrelevant for most users anyway. And like you have experienced, they have pretty **** poor performance in games. My work computer is using a similar nVidia card and it’s the same story there.

You raised some very interesting points here. When I built my system a couple of years ago, I thought that the best bet would be to go with a workstation GPU. I would hope to eventually use Maya mainly for modelling, rigging and animating. I think that for these functions a gaming GPU would suffice. If I had planned to light and render in Maya, then I guess the workstation GPU would be ideal in that case - correct? I guess that is why professionals using Maya for rendering mainly go for the workstation GPU - because of dedicated faster rendering and the features it may offer.

The GTX Titan X may seem like a crazy (in a good way) choice for UE4 and Maya offering 12GB, but I think it is a prospective option!

For the price of that GPU you could get possibly the best gaming GPU available and it would definitely be faster. From what I’ve gathered, you don’t really get a performance boost with workstation graphics cards unless you get the super expensive ones. It’s like the server CPU’s where you have to pay twice as much for the same speed, but it has options beyond the standard desktop processors.

Valid point you made. Do you think a GTX Titan X will be okay in a system with an i7-3930K at 3.2 - 3.3GHz and 32GB RAM and Windows 7 Pro 64 bit?

Just a though but overheating could be an indication that the puter is in need of a good cleaning or that a fan has failed.

Yeah, a Titan X would work really well

Yep, go for a titan x, I was lucky that I could test one at work and with this card everything runs super smoothly :smiley:

No. They’re designed for speeding up realtime solutions and professional applications. Like when you have extreme amount of data in a single scene or need to perform proper realtime rendering (advanced mocap for example). That is where professional cards come in handy. Though over the years they became more similar with the mainstream lineups (radeon/geforce).

Rendering is done via CPU (unless for realtime solutions such as iRay or the like, but those too can be speed up using high end consumer cards with OpenCL/CUDA support). Same is true for the lightmap rendering/baking of the UE4.

You also won’t need a Titan. 970/980(Ti) will be more then enough.

The Titan IS AWESOME!!! For all applications, buuuuuuut. you could get reasonably close with 2 high end NVidia gaming gpus. I used to do VFX for films and (on my own) I’ve used dual 680s for animation and rendering and they work just fine (this was back when they were new of course). Not quite as well as the Titan but unless you’re trying to make Star Wars or something you’re not going to need quite that much power. Right now I’m running a Lenovo laptop with dual 755s and it’s REALLY fast. I can run pretty much anything there is at a more than acceptable speed with no problems. It’s really all about what your goal is. If you’re actually working on a film then you might want a workstation gpu. If you’re working on your own stuff I’d go with a couple of high end gaming gpus as they are a little more versatile and still give you good solid speed. If you’re trying to get a gig somewhere don’t sweat the power of your system, worry about the quality of what you can do with what you have. For instance a character animator can make a reel with just animated skeletons and a studio won’t fuss so long as the animation is good. A modeler can just make stills, etc. Nobody expects you to have what they have in the big leagues anyway. A full fledged BOXX Technologies workstation costs like $50,000 and let’s not even get into render farms (although there are a few free ones floating around online I believe - but who wants to do that). ILM used in house designed graphics cards so you’ll never get the quality they had. In fact most use tons of stuff they make in house. If you look around the web for jobs you’ll find that they’re always hiring engineers and programmers for that very reason. Concentrate on being good not fancy. If you want to do game design you’ll need a gaming gpu - if only for testing. I don’t know about running two different gpus but for some reason I want to say it’s not a good idea.

Dual GPU’s aren’t a good solution–UE4 can’t use more than one GPU and neither can programs like 3ds /Maya

However–for GPU rendering with renders inside Maya, like iRay, VrayRT, etc. it can use as many GPU’s as you have in your machine. The viewports are the part that benefit from a workstation graphics card, and mostly it helps with having lots of objects in the viewport and playing back animation, but again that only uses a single graphics card. For that reason it’s best to get the fastest single GPU you can buy. Also, the 12GB of graphics memory is good because the GPU renderers are limited by how much memory the graphics card has, so if GPU rendering is something you’re interested in then that’s something to consider.

Really good conversation all. Per a poster above, I think I also need to clean my GPU’s fans and other fans. I haven’t done PC maintenance in some time!

Get a 980TI not a titan X and if you want better performance than a 980TI get a 980Ti AMP Extreme & OC it which will make it 10-15FPS higher than the worlds 2nd best card…