[HELP] How to use "Get AI Controller" On CLIENT ?

Hello all,

I’m making an RTS multiplayer game and when testing It seems like my clients cannot properly use “get ai controller”,
This is my blueprints :

And as you can see from the screenshot below the “get aicontroller” doesn’t seem to work :

But it works when it’s a host :

Why is that and how can I fix the issue ?
I’m very new, any help is appreciated ! :slight_smile:

Hi, by default the AI system (controller + behavior trees) only exists on the server, but not on the clients (and as far as I know, you cannot change that. You can spawn an AI controller on a client, but then it will only exist on that client. All other clients and the server will never know about it).

So if the client wants to move some units, then directly sent the input from the client to the server (an RPC event “Run On Server”) and then do the logic on the server.