Help - How to render color variation in hair in UE4

Hello, first time posting here so, sorry if i make an error posting.

I have to make a hair using xgen and render it in unreal. i plan to use the material that digital human "mike"s project use, but i have a question, how can i make to give the hair some color variation? For example if i wanted to make all the side part (left and right) with grey hair and the middle part to be darker with some few grey hairs, how could i do this?

Should i select all the splines that i want to have a different colour and export it as a different object and give it a different material with the color i want? I think it should be a better way to do this.

Thanks in advance.

There’s a bunch of stuff here on how to do hair including hair variation: Photorealistic Character | Unreal Engine Documentation

Well, the Make Human stuff is waaaaaay over the top. I’m breaking that down and making my own currently actually, so I can say that with complete honesty even if near 0 authority :stuck_out_tongue:

I would take a page for this out of the Grass variation. Use Vertex paint.
Simply randomly vertex paint the hair and use the vertex paint data to shift colors.
That way you could potentially paint highlights on the go - in engine - too.

This way it won’t really matter if you utilize the Make Human over the top 315,660 tris poly hair or flat meshes totaling maybe 1/8th of that, the material + the vertex paint will drive the color.

Oh, also the correct link for the make human stuff is this one

Thanks a lot guys