Help! How On Earth Do I Download The Oculus Sample Code From The Oculus Github..?

I must be missing something somewhere. From the Developers part of the Oculus website there’s an article on how to get hands and Touch controllers into the Unreal and Unity Engines. Here’s the linkage:

If you scroll down to the Unreal Engine bit there’s a link to the HandSample Project and it tells you to build it and play around with it. Here’s a link to it:

But I can’t download anything! If you right-click on the links it saves as a HTML file, if you left-click on the links it just has the code. Do I have to copy and paste this code manually and compile it myself…?

Is there a download link that I’m missing somewhere…?

You can’t download a single subfolder directly from a Github repository using the http interface. Either you fetch the whole repository or use some workarounds like described here:

Thanks for that. I downloaded and installed the Desktop Github app, clicked on the Project File which brought me to another screen with a few lines of code on it then clicked the Screen icon which cloned all of the files to my hard drive. That’s given me the Project File and two folders. That’s a relief, I thought I was going to have to do that manually for every single file but it cloned the whole lot for me.

Now I can start messing around with Touch controls! :smiley:

Thanks again for the help! :smiley:

Edit: Thought I’d also mention for those that aren’t aware that this bundle of fun includes hand models and animations for the thumbs up and pointing finger gestures too!

Can you attach that HandSample project or upload it somewhere? I’ve downloaded the current one from github, but it gives me an empty project.