Help! Height-map trubbles


I have been googling for days trying to find out why this happens, and was hoping that maybe someone knew how i can fix this. I have created a tiled height-map in world machine, once I imported all the tiles into the engine the overall height-map at a distance looks perfect but once you get close all the edges become sharp. I am using the highest quality that I have the patience for (8161x8161) just to rule that option out. I can use the smooth tool but that gets rid of the detail and for the scale i’m using, will take a very long time. I would prefer if anyone had a solution that doesn’t involve the smooth tool.

Here are some examples of my problem:


&d=1408097507) someone with same problem with unsolved thread

My examples -------------------------------

Thanks a bunch

Use a blur, then perlin noise + erode to put the detail back…

Actually res will only change the size of those peaks

Forgot to add run a PQualizer pass over it.