Help for Jellyfish Shader


I working on VR projet.
You swim among the jellyfish , and you can approach it very close to see inside these complex organisms.

I would like to make a realistic shader for jellyfish.

To have a realistic rendering, i need to achieve a tow sided translucent shader.
But you know UE is not very friendly with transparency materials … :mad:`

So, my first try was with “Translucent” “Blend Mode” with “Two Sided” option and “SurfaceTranslucencyVolume” “Lightning Mode”.

As might be expected, the result was catastrophic.
We no longer understood the model and cannot manage alpha channel with 100% opaque and semi-translucide mask.

So i tried with “Masked” “Blend Mode” with “Two Sided” and “DitherTemporalAA” expression connected to “OpacityChannel”.
But my problem is when jellyfish moves the transparency is differed and is very ugly.

Another problem, with DitherTemporalAA, VR is totally lost when sudden movements.
Look at your model, look at behind you, and look at again you model and BOOM ! DitherTemporalAA explode !

If some one have a good tricks to do this, i’ll take it =)

Image 1 , STATIC MESH with translucent material:

Same mesh, same material, but as SKELETAL MESH and animated

Someone can explain to me please ?