Help for building on Android Cardboard with Galaxy Note 3

I’m a bit lost with the test i’m making on UE4.
We want to be able to build an app on Android for the Carboard, but i can’t achieve what i want.
I’m trying to use the GearVR plugin but when i build on Android, i have a error with the GearVR module not loaded. I know this is not made for Galaxy Note 3 plus i don’t have the GearVR.
But when i build with the Oculus Rift Plugin, nothing happen on my galaxy, i mean, i just have a single screen.
I am very new to UE4 and coding too. I did some research on Unity, and it’s way more simplier to do.
I succeed to make a build working like a charm with my Oculus Rift DK2 on Windows.
I didn’t find anything easy to understand for building an apk for Cardboard.
Hope you can help me with this.

PS: I built correctly an apk without VR on my galaxy note 3. But impossible to “Activate” the VR.

We do not currently support any cardboard VR devices. With that said did you read theGear VR documents? If not you might consider having a read through them as they might, but I stress might, help you out.

Great news, official Google Cardboard support seems to be coming to the engine!

See here:

It looks like the existence of a new “AndroidVR” (Google Cardboard) plugin was leaked in the breakdown of the latest 4.12 Preview 3 release notes.

This note has since been pulled.

It is slated that the Google Cardboard SDK will be relaunched as AndroidVR this coming Google IO.

From the looks of it, AndroidVR looks to be a collaboration of sort between Epic Games and Google.