Help for a project with Particles

I hope I have picked the right Adress for my Point.

I started working with the Unreal Engine 4 a week ago. Before I worked with “Gamestudio A8”. But I have a little problem.

I want to create this:

in better.

As you can see the pieces of wood fall down, where the should not fall down.
I want to make this same projekt in better.

I know that you can use the super-cool Particle System with collision by the Unreal Engine 4
,but If I created a “own” particle system with blocks, (so the type data is set on Mesh data)

like in the video the blocks go through them or If I do that with raindrops (like in the picture) the mostly fall through them.

I search for many information but this two videos can’t help me.

and other results I can’t find.
In all cases the particles fall like in the video 70% to the right position and 30% straight down through the fan and If I looked away.

All particles go straight down. So my question is How can I create this?

Regards UnrealCry

First video’s broken, just letting you know.

Anyways, at least for the raindrops the reason why they’re falling straight through the mesh is because you’re likely using scene depth collision. Scene depth collision uses the depth buffer for collision, so naturally the particles will only collide against pixels written to the depth buffer, which means whatever you want them to collide against needs to be on-screen.

The “fix” for this would be to enable mesh distance fields in your project settings (pretty sure the option is in there, I don’t have the editor open) and set your particles to use distance field collision, though this relies on distance fields being present, which means the particles won’t collide with anything that doesn’t have a distance field representation (landscape, skeletal meshes, BSP geometry, etc). The reason why I call this a “fix” is because while it allows collision to work with things off-screen, in the same token it stops it from working with specific things like landscapes or skeletal meshes.

Landscapes, however, apparently now have a “distance field” representation in the works, which should allow particles to collide against the landscape. Should.

sorry to necro thread, but this might be useful…