HELP! Foliage on BSP-Brushes - Remove BSP-brush, but keep Foliage: How?

We use BSP gemoetry brushes to white box levels and to build basic playability. Then replace the BSP brushes later, with detailed Static Meshes (SM).

For one map, we’ve built tons of small islands with BSP brushes and then placed foliage on these BSPs. The foliage placement is highly manually edited.

So, when we wanted to replace the BSP brushes with SM, we noticed that it deletes the foliage on the BSP when we delete the BSP.

We really don’t want to do all the foliage editing again, but want to keep the foliage as is. Is there any way we can do that?

As a work-around, we set all BSP brushes to subtractive, so they’re invisible now. But we want to get rid of them entirely. Any idea how we can do that?

I dont think you can. You might be able to do a mesh swap though.

Revert to additives, Select all for the island → create static mesh. Create the replacement sm, right click the block version → re-import, select new mesh.

You should use procedural foliage volumes, manual adjust/edit. Volumes don’t care what’s under them… for the most part.

Otherwise you’d wait to do foliage until the permanent mesh is in place.