Help exporting images from compiled project to computer

Hi all,

Please, I need your help trying to load and save files (textures) from computer to Unreal and from Unreal to computer through blueprints.

To load and import a texture from computer into Unreal I have used the node Victory load texture 2D from file from Rama’s plugin succesfully, however I wanted to try to work with the Download image native plugin, but it seems it doesn’t work anymore as explained here: Filesystem, user can upload image to the game? - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

Anyway, load from computer can be achieved, but save to computer is another thing… I have tried Rama’s nodes wihout succeed and native nodes too. Do you have any idea about it can be achieved? I have tried with Export texture 2d node and Export to disk node, but they won’t work, and the first one only works exporting as a HDR image… maybe that format can be modified only editing the C++ code of that certain node?

Thank you and best regards