Help Error VR

Can anyone help fix these errors? I migrated the data from the template but I can not get it to work. if anyone can help
alt text

thank you. I try

can send images as correcting errors if not uncomfortable

As you can see in the compiler results you miss a bunch of variables (they probably don’t migrate). If you create all your missing variables with the right type and connect them properly it should work.

did not work

Well it should…could you show your compiler result, pls

this one

Well you’re missing a lot of things as you can see. You have create all the missing inputs (project settings) and then check all the nodes with error to understand what’s going on with those pins names that are not working. I am supposing you’re not too advanced in UE4 so here’s what I’ll do in that case, instead of migrating the stuff you need for VR from the Template VR project to another project (I assume) why don’t you migrate the stuff from your other project to the Template VR project?
If can’t do that, then what you should do is open at the same time the VR Template and your project and assure that everything is the same on both sides: inputs, MotionControllerPawn and BP_MotionController, going one by one on the errors you see in the compilers result.

thank you.

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