Help - Error - Shadows 100% dark

hello guys, I have a problem in the shadows, they are looking 100% dark, as if you were on the moon. I activated the GI with the code “r.LightPropagationVolume=1” in ConsoleVariables.ini and activated the “Force No Precomputed Light” in World Setting and “Dynamic Indirect Lighting” and set the “dynamic shadow Distance…” for 10000, but not resolved.

I Have repeatedly clicked in Build, but the dark shadow continues.

If you’ve forced ‘no pre-computed lighting’, then you have specifically told the engine that your lighting is dynamic - building the lighting will do nothing whatsoever in this case.

I’m not very familiar with using LPV, but have you added a skylight to your scene? This seems to be the industry standard way of adding an ambient fill light to your shadows.