Help! Edited Skypshere blueprint applied to every project!


So I created a new project to play around a little with the skyphere blueprint, mostly just to resize the sun and play around with the colors within the Skysphere blueprint and later on I decided to make a new project and noticed that the changes I made on the test project is now applied to every project of mine :S
And I have no clue on what the default colors were nor the default size for the sun is… :c
Is there a way to reset the blueprint or re-download the default blueprint?
I’m a clueless newbie :frowning:

Close all instances of unreal.

Move the skysphere blueprint out of the engine folder on your harddrive (instead of deleting it, i do this just in case something doesn’t work you can just drag it back in).

WANRING: Now it is missing from the Engine so every map will be broken so do NOT open and save any maps before fixing it.

Now in the launcher find you Engine Version you removed it from and click the down arrow next to Launch(might say Update) and select the Verify option. It should check all files and replace the missing ones (the sky sphere).


If anything goes wrong just replaces the sky sphere you moved back where it goes.