HELP! Dedicated Server Error:MSB3073

I don’t know if this goes here exactly but I’m desperate for help. For the last few days I’ve been trying to set up a dedicated server but run into errors, I posted this on the Answerhub in hopes of getting help, but nothing so far. I’ve seen absolutely no posts covering the error that I’m seeing, here’s my original post on Answehub.


I think that error message you have posted is not enough to determine the issue, is that the whole thing? The actual problem should be before the part that you have copied.

Have you seen this guide though?


I was following that tutorial (Part 2 in setup) and got to the build “UE4” part after generating the .bat files when those errors appeared.

I’ll look again but that shows up as the error, is there a better method to collect better details to help with debugging?

Self resolved, thanks! Answer is on the Answerhub thread.