Help creating video projector

Hi everyone,

I am attempting to create a video projector within UE4. What I’m looking for is a light that can project imagery across multiple pieces of geometry- much like a real-world projector. My approach so far has been to apply a media texture to a light as a light function. It is my understanding that this filters the lights intensity and I am able to apply a monotone color to the image. Is there any way to restore the original video color to the image using this method or should I explore something else? I’ve seen this discussed a couple times but have not come across a solution yet. Thanks!

It may be possible using a Decal Actor. But I don’t think the results will be that accurate, and it won’t cast shadows like a projector.

One sly method is to have 3 lights, all attached together, with 3 different light functions. One for Red, one for Blue and one for the Green channel.

Not tried it myself, but with a bit of work it may be possible to achieve something close.

That is an interesting idea, I will give it a shot and report back. Thanks!