Help Creating Custom Nodes

Hi Epic + Community fellas :

Since Couple months i’ve trying to get those tutorials work, but with out no success on any one…:

im a beginner programmer, said that, someone, PLEASE could help me to get this started, or guide me on what im doing wrong,
what i being doing is creating a blank Code template (GitHub and Launcher Version 4.0 ->4.3), add code, then choose none on the class to extend. when copy paste as is it, it comes with a huge amount of errors, like:

no such class founded… ???
when on my game build already add all the modules that i suppose to add.
old thread → LINK

i think that i already tried everything, could somebody, PLEASE, tell me briefly, step by step, at least the first ones, how get this work…what i want to achieve is to create my own custom TurninPlace Node using Rama’s Code (Awesome stuff).

BTW: Moderator, please tell what i should do with my old thread, cause is not answered, and seems no one are able to give a hand here…
More Details HERE

some one who can help please Community or Staff ?

Any ideas??