Help Creating an Effect

Hi There, Hope you can help

I need to create an effect for a Transporter i am making and the effect needs to be a flash of light with the transporter area its almost going to be a round Flash but I will be honest I have no idea where to start with creating effects so I am hoping that you may be able to help its pretty simple a Round Flash of White light say 3 meters in diameter

Cheers in Advance

I’m new to the particle effects, but from doing the basic tutorial in effects editor I would suggest determining what sprite(s) to use first. It’d need to be a solid sprite (not see-through), and probably white or near white, and also not have any noise in the image to start. Creating the flash effect is probably going to involve expanding the sprite suddenly, and possibly using a light or a few lights to enhance the effect. Making it a certain diameter requires adding a certain type of size / range module and adjusting its parameters to approximate 3 meters, then tested to see that it is a fit for the transporter. It’ll probably also require a blend module or alpha blend, a time module, and a speed module, all to control how exactly the flash of light animates. There’s a few images in the starter content that could be tried as a sprite for it. Perhaps a simple white circle, or a similar simple shape that is all white (no other colors, except black surrounding the white shape). To start, create the flash effect using the sprite, and enlarge it to about 3 meters (not sure what that is in Unreal units or in proportion to the transporter object). Then add modules to change the shape, size, speed of flash animation, brightness range up to a maximum, timing (time module that controls duration of flash effect), and a blend effect to somehow ensure it doesn’t disrupt the other graphics involved in the scene where it occurs. If you are open to it, I could utilize this as a project to learn Cascade / Niagara and attempt to build it. I’ll do it for free, and could potentially use it in a future project. I have a ton of tutorial videos for particle effects saved in a YouTube watch later list that would help.

If you have any guides that will help that would be great if you can let me have any links and i will have a play and see what i can come up with

Well, there’s basic how-to’s in creating a sprite emitter and modifying properties in the doc. I suggest going through it to learn those basics of setting up a sprite emitter and placing it in the level. Then, try a tutorial on YouTube or a few.

Here are links:

Basic User Guide

Particle Systems Overview

Reference of Terms / Modules

Particle Lights

Beginner Tutorial (approx. 30 minutes)

Another Beginning Tutorial (approx. 12 minutes)

Tutorial Using Starter Content in UE4 (approx. 21 mins)

5-Minute Tutorial on Creating Your Own Particle Emitter

Not sure what you mean, i have no idea how to use particles but what you want likely can be done material-side.