HELP completely lost with the message "On mobile SkyAtmosphere needs a mesh tagged IsSky"

I have no idea how to provide the Sky Atmosphere component with a custom mesh because there are no such properties exposed in editor window.

Do i need to do this in C++?
I am targeting mobile platforms.

As the message says, the property is in the material you apply to the skydome mesh, which is just a regular mesh in your scene.

  1. Add a mesh to the scene to act as your skydome
  2. Apply a material set to “IsSky” to the mesh


Not sure you can actually do outer space views for mobile, if that’s what you’re trying to do.

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Thanks for your reply.

I managed to resolve the message but still cant seem to get the same look as i can on the PC version

I am trying to get the kind of look as shown in the video below:

Is it possible to achieve this for mobile?

Edit 1: As far as i can tell the difference originates from the Default lit shading model. On mobile you cannot set the Is Sky tag unless you change the shading model to Unlit, but that completely takes away from the look. Is it not possible to have an atmosphere on mobile without Is Sky tag?

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i really dont understand what you said? please video tutorial for this?

hi there! I don’t if this is worth it for anyone… i’ll post my fix. I just went into the skysphereblueprint and edited its material and ticked isSky. That worked for me… sorry if I can’t help more :sweat_smile:


@Lebman15 i cannot see Is Sky anywhere… Please can you explain me

This works for me, The red message is gone after selecting isSky in the material used by the sky Sphere blueprint

I can’t find the material that should go with Is Sky. Can you please assist with this error? It also states that I should connect it with Sky Atmosphere with nodes to visualize the atmosphere, I am not very clear on this.

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go in the engine content and find a material named “SkySphereMaterial”. then tick is sky like this:

Edit1: change the material to unlit and opaque (coz it is only gonna’ be on the Skydome)


All these answers are good, but I feel the information on this thread is a bit in pieces, so here’s my take on how to explain the whole thing step by step (I’m just collating the info from previous answers, it worked for me):

  1. Go to the outliner and select your SkyAtmosphere. In the details, choose “SkyAtmosphere (Instance)”, click “Add”, and add a Static Mesh.
  2. Click your new mesh, go to the Static Mesh property, and change it for SM_SkySphere.
  3. Click your new mesh, go to the Materials property, and where it says Element_0, change in the dropdown for SkySphereMaterial.
  4. In your content browser, go to All/Engine/Content/EditorMaterials/Thumbnails and open SkySphere Material.
  5. In SkySphereMaterial, follow the comment by @Frigon_Tech:
    5.1. In Details->Material->Blend Mode, choose Opaque
    5.2. In Details->Material->Shading Model, choose Unlit
    5.3. In Details->Material->Is Sky, tick the box to mark as True

With this, you should be getting rid of that message.


is there method to get it work without skydome?