[HELP] Changing Light Color At Runtime

I really feel like I have to be missing something really stupid because google this as I might I cannot seem to understand why my setup is not working.
I have a system where the lights above my doors are red and when the door gets unlocked they ***should ***become green…
And I mean my current setup isn’t exactly rocket science…

I’ve been through **many **different systems for this, from changing a variable that is constantly checked for in the Tick event to setting up 3 different point lights with pre-determined colors and trying to active them, but none of these options have worked, the lights refuse to change at runtime. And that’s the weird thing, I’ve set them to movable and to stationary and it still doesn’t work, yet when I press Esc to leave the game the light color **has **changed, it is suddenly green.

Anyway, I looked through settings, I tried many, MANY different solutions and now I’m out of ideas.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Ps: If anyone is wondering, the sound also plays succesfully, so the event **is **running correctly.

Bump. :confused:

Really would appreciate some help with this…