Help: BP_PickUpCube but only slide along one axis? Like a sliding door, can't figure this out...

Hi, I’m just using the regular VR template still with UE4, I’ve built most of my project in there so I’m not wanting to migrate to the VR Enhanced plugin yet. I have regular doors that open on touch overlap, not drag-able, but I want to make a sliding panel on a wall that you can grab and lift, so it only lifts on one axis. I’m using the BP_PickUpCube default template and tyring to mess around with settings in there and physics constraints, but I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve looked at other search results but they don’t seem to be using the default VR template. If anyone has some blueprint ideas or examples of how they’ve accomplished a slideing object along one axis only? with limits? thanks!

Hey Switchblade1,
How are you?
I was wondering if you found a way to do that.
I am on the same issue, create my project using the Vr template under 4.26 and now trying to make some interactive sliding doors.
Followed some tuto for the rotation and kind of work, but when I tried to apply same kind of setup for only a translation along x axis the door just disappear.
Thanks in advance if you can help on that please
If not I will continue looking around.
Take care