Help - Aliasing on Warped Outlines

Hey Guys.
I’m trying to achieve the hand drawn style of outlines that are in Life Is Strange.

I’m using a sobel operator with warped UV coordinates. In this example is just being warped by a static texture coordinate with the green channel masked.

From a technical standpoint its working. But the warping of the UV’s is leaving me with a really ugly alias issue. Temporal AA and FXAA both reduce the problem a bit, but its still there, and I’d also like to avoid overriding the AA settings of a scene based on those outlines.


Temporal AA


So What I’m wondering is;
A - Is there a better way of warping my UVs or just generally implementing the Sobel Operator to help minimize the aliasing?
B - Is there a way of doing some sort of Anti Aliasing within the material itself?

I’m using UE4.12
Not sure if its helpful, but I’m using the method shown in this tutorial to create my Sobel Operator, with the only difference being I’m clamping my values in the ‘Get Depth’ part, and I’m modifying the values slightly differently.

Thanks Guys :slight_smile: