Help Advice Needed

So I want to create basic for fun VR games. Nothing complicated just fun physics e.g. Archery. Nothing with to much logic or levels.

I only know basics in what loops, functions, variables, booleans etc are.

My question is do you think c# learning is best I am not the cleverest and dealing with memory management (c++) etc seems to complex.

Would I be able to use the blueprint way instead and still be able to make decent fun results like Archery firing games.

Lastly Unreal VR engine looks really good can you create VR games in the VR Environment Engine without knowing c++.



of course you can use Blueprints all the way. The big thing to think about is that you should still know how to program. Things like Casts etc, also you shouldnt put your game logic into the Tick function (Blueprints make it very easy to “draw” bad code).

Regarding C++: With the Unreal way of C++ you wont have to care much about memory management, but it is a bit hard initially to get things done and learning how to use the Engine macros correctly.

All in all, i am currently doing an archery game in VR with pure Blueprints, and the performance is not an issue with Blueprints (but with everything else :wink: ), and it works perfectly so far.