Help a new person with his first game

Hi, I’ve recently started using Unreal Engine and I was given the task of making a 3d game as a school project, the game that I wanted was an OpenWorld Borderlands 3 type game, All the game really needs is a person, map with objects inside like houses, after that I would need to make an animation inside with that. I was wondering if anyone could help me with answering some questions when I get any and give any tips or pointers on how to start and what I need.

I think you have to actually ask the questions… :wink:

My advice would be make something simpler.

You’re not going to make borderlands 3 by yourself for a school project

You can do it. Firstly, go to the Marketplace and grab all the Free Assets relevant to the game you want to develop. There’s enough FREE content to develop a very advance game, FREE Animation System, Cel Shader, GOAP AI, Weapons, Voxel System, Paragon Characters, Menus, and much more. Once you acquire the Assets, you just have to bash it all together. See UnrealEngine Online Learning and Documentation for a quick start working with UnrealEditor.