[Help][4.24] Sun Sky Actor + Sun Positioner Plugin - open world - where can I learn more?

I’m trying to setup the lighting in my scene and honestly I feel like I’m just playing with stuff without understanding too much.
I tried to look up guides or tutorials, but I couldn’t find any that matches; some of them are for static/in door environments, some of them are too simple (point light does that, sky light does that) or too advanced.

What I have so far is the the Sun Positioner Plugin enabled, Sun Sky actor, AtmosphericFog and ExponentialHeightFog. All settings are at default except the [SunSky.DirectionalLight]Intensity, which I set to 10 so I can see something. And even that I’m not sure if it’s right.

However I’m then then stuck with trying to adjust the settings of these lights only:

  • Do I need a sky sphere bluerint (BP_SkySphere) ?
  • When setting the Solar Time in the Sun Sky actor to 22, trying to mimic night so I can make sure lighting is correct, everything is black. what am I missing now? should I just increase the sky light intensity value? or perhaps I’m doing something else incorrect?
  • When adding a point light to the scene, I can see it doesn’t add much light unless I increase the intensity a lot, more than the limit of the bar it self; e.g. 400000.0 (point light component, no units). That feels like I’m doing something wrong - but what?

As said I tried to look for guides/videos/tutorials to understand the answers to these questions my self - but I can’t find any that relevant.
I tried to go through some of them anyway, mostly the unreal engine videos, butt I’m still clueless!