hellooo i have some textures issues in unreal engine 4 while its look prefect in blender bt in unreal engine its bit weird,hellooo


Looks like your textures are being stretched in some areas. This very likely depends on your UV map. You need to make sure it doesn’t stretch or deform in those areas, otherwise your textures will deform along with it.

when I import it in 3dsmax, it looks perfect, no texture stretching at all… UVs are perfect, no overlapping, no stretching, I don’t understand what is wrong…

Open the snake mesh in UE4’s mesh editor and display the UV map (UV0). Does it look ok in it?

great, I tick ‘Use full precision UV’ & It’s done… thank you so much

Cool! If you are happy with the solution can you please accept.my answe for future reference? Tnx!

sure man, definitely…

Thanks, appreciated!