Hello , is there any rpg videos tutorials ? i dont know where i can start

hello guys , i’m new to unreal engine 4 , i used to use unity3d but i want to learn UE4 , i made a search for videos tutorials but nothing i found usefull, i want to start with rpg tutorials,and 3rd person controller…so any link or any help or any videos will be appreciated , thanks in advance

first , thanks for replying, and thanks for the links you provided above, well my friend i used to use unity3d because UE4 wasn’t free, and the first brime I heard that is free ,I went to the web and downloaded it ,because i know it is the most powerful game engine , and here my problem started
first it is hard to learn
second there is no a plenty videos tutorials
my friend I’m familiar with c++ and i dont want to use blueprint
so please please and please again ,if you can show me or give me any videos tutorials from scratch I’ll be much great full…
my interests are in third person controller with rpg action style game
thanks a lot man