Hello, I'm new . .

I like games but, I need visual scripting, can’t code . . . Is Unreal a good place, for a beginner . . .


I need some advice on how to use the forum, is it good to share game ideas here, to talk about games in general and, have fun, or is it more business, for engine questions, issues, so on, Thx . .

:slight_smile: <3 <3

ps. Hope it’s okay to mod a post, not sure . . .

Also, a silly question, if I make a game about political stuff, like North Korea being a horrible place to live, or such things, can the Unreal Engine owners make it so, one can’t publish ones games, I mean am I beholden to the makers of the engine, in terms of content, sort of . . . . Not that it matters, I want to make action games, but I had the idea of taking a look at various regimes, across the world, and sort of point a finger, at bad dictators, in various places . . . I’m asking, so I know the rules, I DON’T want to start ANY discussion, just the general rules and, so on, nothing major . .

I need help, getting started with Unreal, I really like Quixel, but I need advice on what belongs here, like, also I added to the above post, is that legal . . .

I have used Godot a little bit, but there were some bugs, it was tough, to learn, in the end, I just want to make games, don’t care where . . .

<3 <3

Is there any advice for what to talk about on the forums, I got banned from another page, for talking about my game ideas, instead of just how to use the engine, also they were very strict not to mention real religions, politics, because some people might not like to hear, those words or, feel threatened . . Are there any clear guidelines for the forum, about this . . . <3 :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I hope to learn Blueprint, or visual scripting, but also would like to change the color theme, of the engine, to a more light-ish and, make the icons smaller, to have more 3D room, on screen . . . Is there a feature, to turn this on, I ask <3

Also, is it allowed to talk about STORY stuff here, artistic stuff, 3D modelling or, is this a talk about the engine, MOSTLY forum, with few exceptions, what’s, the rule . .

Dude, as a general rule you should not talk about politic or religion, and that’s not only valid for UE4 Forums but any other forum, except for the ones dedicated for such subjects.

Discussing controversial content in your game design is fine as long as is descriptive, and doesn’t go deep into reasons.

Example, if you want to make a game with Nazis in it, and you want the Nazis to be the ‘good’ guys, you can say that.
Going into details on why you want the Nazis to be the ‘good’ guys in your game or even worse, starting a debate on it, it’s not ok.
Of course if you develop a game that recreates Jews persecution, you might have bigger problems than UE4 Moderators.

Just use common sense.
Keep your opinions for yourself, and stick with the more technical question about your UE4 issues.

Got it, I got stern warnings on a forum, for going into wanting to make a game, with Christian stuff, like knights, angels, spiritual stuff, prayers, devotion . . .

Was told not to even mention the word " christianity ", as it was offensive, on a forum . . . So, I will keep the games I’m making, wanted to make something like Diablo, with angels, knights, crusaders, with some light christian inspiration, was told the word was a no-go, on a games forum <3 Same thing, with politics, don’t name parties, anything to do, with the real world, at all . . .

Wanted to know if the same was the case here, as it’s a bit restrictive, when it comes to talking about game worlds, in general . . . .

I don’t care, I don’t need other people to hear about my ideas, but it’s a bit sad, not to be able to share something one likes, from a game . . . But, the rules are rules, and the mods are gods, in every way . . .

I’ll keep my ideas to myself, no sweat . . . . .

:frowning: :frowning: <3 <3

ps. I tend to explore things like damnation, desolation, agony, stuff, from Hell, torture . . . Anguish, despair and, sorrow, grief, decimation, so on . . . So, things that are reminding of Hell, are often in the stuff I do, evil gods, Satan, devils . . .


Well, I want to use visual scripting for making it work, not write code but, connect boxes, Unity didn’t have that, Godot has some of it, but also code, C# . . .

Where can I find the ’ RIGHT ’ place to start using Unreal, where I can do that, or is there any written code in Unreal, at all, not quite sure . . … <3 <3

In Godot, many of the users liked to write code, I got sort of called bad names, for using the feature, that’s what I want to learn here, I can’t code, if someone wants to help me learn that, I’d be very happy, coding is for hard-core people, I’m an artist, a proper noob and, electronic wannabe <3

What I mean is, I don’t want to write LETTER-TEXT code, I would like help finding the feature, where I connect boxes, instead, in Godot it was a bit hidden, took a few days finding it <3

Sorry, if this is daft . . :frowning: <3 <3

Just taking your post as an example.

Yes, you can say that you are making a game about Christianity, it’s not fine going into details and adding other personal comments.

This comment is a personal comment and is not necessary in a gaming/developing forum, but it’s acceptable.
If you add, ‘Christianity’ to that list, it could become bannable, because it clearly sounds like religious propaganda.

I hope you understand the difference between a descriptive comment and a personal comment/opinion.

I am making a game with a focus on Christianity = Ok
I am making a game with a focus on Christianity, because I am a devout Christian, or other reason no one needs to hear = Not OK

That’s general common sense, but of course every forums have their rules, and if a Forum don’t want you to use a certain word, you shouldn’t use it (even if it sounds a bit extreme).

Okay, thanks, hope the mods will show up, I want to skip the C# coding-write stuff, and go straight to connecting boxes, like in Godot, where one doesn’t need to write any code, for quite some time, if that is possible, I’ve tried coding, and tbh, I failed, miserably, like a clown . . . . .

I’m a clumsy artist, and if I don’t start there, I can’t use the engine, much as I want <3 <3 :frowning: :frowning:

For the UE4 you need to have some coding basics.
This is a visual code Engine, which means that you can drag and drop lines of code, but you still need to have some kind of programming knowledge.
You could find some third party Assets in the marketplace which saves you a lot of time, but you need to be able to customize them or expand them to suits your needs.
For example there is a Parkour System which saves you the hassle to code all the Actions and Animations (we are talking about dozens of hours), but you still need to be able to implement it in your Project.
Most of those Assets are not free though, and there is a limited variety of it, which means it’s hard to find one that suits perfectly your needs.
Unity have more third party Assets available, so it might be easier for you to find what you need without the need of coding too much.

To give you an idea of the difficult level of each Engine:

Godot = Easy (Can make simple games)
Unity = Medium (Can make decent games, not AAA quality yet , although they are trying to close the gap with UE4)
UE4 = Difficult (Can make AAA games with limited budget, though a single person with a proficiency in coding can do something decent, check Mist:Survival made by one dude with UE4)
Cry Engine = Hard (Usually used by AAA Developers with huge budget)

My suggestion is that if you started with Godot, you should try Unity next. If you can’t handle Unity, no point in trying with UE4.

I used Godot the drag-and-drop box system, while, if, sequence boxes, to make the character move, is that possible, in Unreal, just to ’ add ’ to location, every frame, with a simple blueprint or, chart . . . :frowning: <3 <3

I don’t want to WRITE a single LINE, of code, I know the basics of IF, while, bool, float, all that stuff, but I don’t want to WRITE code, just connect boxes, input ports that, stuff <3 <3 :frowning: :frowning:

If I want to add a float movement_speed to character position, from current position, is that simple, so the character moves up down, left, right, on button . . . . I’m a former engineer, has university level math, and did some coding, Turbo Pascal, know the basics, good, at physics . . . . :frowning: <3 <3

I made this in Godot, with drag-and-drop boxes, is it sort of the same, in Unreal, I need help . . .

Want to do something similar, have some 3D models, stuff . . . <3

Okay, watching a bunch of Unreal official videos, seems like a nice crew, will stick around . . .

Yes UE4 works pretty much the same way, you should be fine.
Download the Engine, create a new project with the Starter Pack option, and then install the Animation Starter Pack from the Marketplace (It’s Free).
Just mess around a bit with those to get you started and watch some tutorials.
I suggest you follow this guy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCyYS9kMLEdB03GxJXqtmFQ/videos
He covers a lot of stuff and he explains it pretty well.

Yeah, it’s a very versatile engine and blueprints are quite good at everything so not much coding is required. Worth noting, it’s quite easy to add your own nodes for blueprint, even if there is something missing. only a few lines of code to add one + the logic of the node.

I am a beginner myself, biggest tip I can give is :

since a lot of tutorials are outdated :

to get 100% working blueprint examples you can load each template in blueprint mode : example = third person/firstperson/sidescroll, once their loaded, they will give you full blueprint that are 100% sure to work, so u can compare to any example u might find that’s outdated or not working for whatever reason.

you can also do the same thing for c++ examples if u want to.

another tip is, don’t download engine 4.24 its very unstable, if u use engine version 4.23.1, it should not ever crash, I used it all day yourself with zero crashes, were as 4.24 crashes every 5mins…

also I found a good tutorial dude on youtube, that does c++ tutorials, and is very good at teaching :


I am still using this guys tutorials to learn blueprints and c++

in this video series, he teaches how to combine blueprints and c++ together in the same project, starting from a blank project, very useful for newbies like myself :

hope this stuff helps.

also if u need more help, feel free to send me a private message, I will help as much as I can :slight_smile:

God Bless you. May Jesus Christ be Charitable unto you.

Acts 10 : 33 - 48, google it, its Awesome.

Can I be honest, I’m not very religious, but there are a FEW things I know well, but those I know very well . . . .

Let’s just say, even the fire can’t touch you, when you’re standing on a mountain, of holiness and, love . . . <3

However, I’m not sure we can talk about religion on this forum, anyway these are SLIGHTLY religious, trying to make some crusader knights, some new stuff that hasn’t been copyrighted . . . Here are the four kinds of knights, that have been called, each in their own way, to protect and, save the world <3 lol, I’m making stories up, crusader knights make good combatants, because they’re tough, can take some damage, I plan to use them in a horror game, but I could get banned for even mentioning crusader here, anyway in my world there are four kinds of knights, a bit dumb, one for each rider of the apocalypse, 1. disease / plague, 2. war, 3. poverty and, reaper / executioner . .

The colors aren’t correct, but it works, each one defends the public, from harm, either openly, or in secret, as it’s a calling, for the knights, sort of, they’re the heroes in my universe, that sacrifice themselves, for others, for love . . . But, I am walking a HARD line of getting banned here, if the MODS step in, and say this has gone too far, I’ll never mention it again, outside private messages, Thank you, let’s make horror, and games, good stuff, not this ’ junk ', games are better at preaching, anyway, I feel, feels, like Heaven, playing games, Good stuff . . . .

My best advice when it comes to religion is, it’s better to sort of, be as nice as you can, than reading a bunch, and not doing much, about that . . . But, I guess the Bible is mostly just information, and it was given away for free, to all people, because, it was important, I prefer to watch horror movies, play awesome games, I just read there, for a little inspiration, mostly I play games, and that’s why I’m here, to learn Unreal, and do whatever the mods tell me, to do, which very soon will be, to shut up, and focus on games, learning, studying the engine . . .

I have a youtube channel, where I talk about various stuff, some of it is religious, mostly for making cool game enemies, like Riders of the Apocalypse . . .

Added a bunch of videos, about Godot, if you scroll down, there is a video about how I invented the knights, to be enemies of the Riders of the Apocalypse, Hell’s Generals and, Commanders . . Also, have made a couple of videos, about the rosary, but mostly for fun, been wanting to make a gun, that shoots rosary beads, to kill werewolves <3

But, right now I’m not really into the God stuff, used to feel a bit of a crisis, to look at that, it’s basically over, I’m ’ out ’ of the fire and, frying - pan, thank God . . . Right now I’m making games about vampires, werewolves, mummies and, zombies, they’re good for horror, and all the things I learned from studying the Rider ’ WAR ’ ( was in Darksiders, as a character ), let’s just say when the Rider War walks the Earth, Hell follows and, damnation . . .

But, it’s all on my youtube channel, now that I have a bit more peace, and solace, I am focusing on telling about vampires, werewolves, demons, nephilim, mummies, zombies and, angels . . . Most of them are just classic movie monsters, and I want to get a bit away from religion myself, to focus on more classic horror-stuff, how to beat them, but since vampires are afraid of crosses, there will be a little, just, for fun, like in Dracula . . . Also, trying to make evil versions of DC heroes, but that’s another story, anyway I was into religion for a while, and that stuff is on my channel, if you want to see it, won’t discuss it here, have to scroll way down, then there’s some good information, Hot stuff . . . .