Hello I need a clear answer please polygon count.

On a scene or level in a game how many many the ps4 may be able to handle? Just in one scene.

There’s no specific limit, there’s too many things that can affect that and it all depends on how you balance everything.

More important is what is visible for camera. Scene can contains magnitudes more triangles that are rendered per frame.

That’s the common answer I see. but regardless of everything thing else which i could subtract 10 or 20 thousand for what will be a limit for a single scene or stage?

I would say it should be between 1 and 5 million but as others pointed out there is a huge amount of differences within that range. Ie to get close to 5 million polys you would most likely need dead simple materials and post processing and other things. It is all about making trade offs and everything costs something.

In addition, if most of your polys are masked foliage it will be even harder to hit that amount of polys, especially with dynamic shadowing. So a simple static lighting scene has a much better chance of hitting higher polys as well. Technically any dynamic shadows will also increase the polygon count of the scene so by having dynamic shadows you can afford even less actual geometry in the scene to account for that.

I know I’ll be able to fake things out with texture mapping but I’d like to see a clear path and be able to configure from that way.

Thank you.

Thank you,for your answer

Honestly, you just go for as low as you’re comfortable with and then adjust other things later. It’s much easier to adjust things like texture resolution and post process quality than it is to change a mesh.

Cool thanks for the info I’m aiming for level/scenes. So to obtain a taget and aim toward in each scene would be great. So each level or stage will be 1-5 million polys i think i’ll be hitting 1 to three