Hello! I have a really simple snow particle effect, and I wanted to create a weather system with it. Any suggestions?

By weather system I mean someway i can offset the particle (enable it during a set interval of time, between every 5 to 7 minutes, turn it off, and repeat).

For effects like snow or rain it is more practical to attach the particle system to the player character. A 30-50 meter radius for the particle spawn location > velocity in local space. You can spawn it when it rains or snows at player location and attach it to the player. Of course you’ll have to set triggers and a variable to activate/deactivate it when you go inside a building or a cave.

My only problem is that my level is an environment, so my player is always outside. It would be strange if only certain locations were to activate the snow. I can definitely attach the particle to the player to make it less expensive, but I would still need some sort of timer.

Is it first-person or some sort of top down? If it’s first person then what i suggested will work perfectly as the particles will follow the player character wherever it goes. Otherwise you’d need a larger radius and height for the particle system. I dont understand what you mean by timer though.

It is first person, and with timer I mean that I don’t want it to always snow. It would be awesome if it snowed for five minutes, then it stopped for a random amount of time, and then it started again, and so on.

Well that’s something you’ll need to handle in your weather system, which is pretty complicated to explain in a single post really. Basically you’ll first need to make your sun rotate, and then figure out when it is night or day by checking the sun’s rotation. And again using the sun’s rotation as a timeline you can set random events by using delays and random values to start rain or snow.

I already have a day and night cycle, it’s that second part that I don’t really understand.

Here is a very basic setup:

First time the timer starts it starts to snow. The next time it stops snowing. Instead of spawn&destroy you can keep the snow particle in your weather system BP and just activate/deactivate it.

So, I’m trying your setup, and here’s what I got:

Any idea on how to solve the problem?
Thank you very much for your time!

Right click on the cast node and Convert to Pure Cast. If you happen to have issues with the particle location as you move try different location types.

Btw, since you already have the particles in your player BP you can get a reference to the particles from that cast and just activate/deactivate it instead of spawn/destroy.

I didn’t know I could build this under the level blueprint, and reference the particle system from there (it was obvious but I’m kind of a noob…).
It works perfectly!!! Thank you very much!
My last question would be: if I had a different particle system, like a blizzard blowing to a certain direction, how I would I link that direction to the rotation of my character?