Heightmap on a curved surface.

Is there a easy way (without code) to wrap a heightmap over a curved surface such as a sphere or cylinder? The look I want could be achieved easily with tessellated texture but I am interested in mobile development and I want some collision on the newly created surface.

This question is a bit vague, could you provide a bit more detail?

You can easily make a heightmap style terrain, bring it into 3dsmax, and use the bend modifier to make a Halo-style terrain landscape ring mesh, if that is what you are asking. You’d want to use per poly collision, not simplified collision. There are a bunch of ways to do it using a shader even without tessellation (worldpositionoffset can be a texture now), but none of those options will support collision. There is no way to have a landscape curve around a cylinder.

I want to have randomly generated planets or tunnels at runtime. I could provide a offset to each vertex of a heightmap but I was wondering if Unreal had some built in magic to do this though a Blueprint.