Height based landscape material normal issues

Hello, I’ve been trying to understand auto landscape materials and even doing the simplest tutorial I could find I can’t seem to get it to work properly. The material looks as expected until I hook up the normals, which just ruin it. Pics of it with and without the normal. Anyone have an idea what the issue is? Thanks!

Bump. Still no luck getting this to look right. Have read using the vertex normal output has better results, which I didn’t find true unfortunately. Tried a height lerp as well but no luck either, however I’m also not great with the material editor so maybe theres something there. Any help would be muuuch appreciated.

So turns out using the “w/Vertex Normals” output for the alpha on all the lerps does work, but it needs to be used on base color as well, NOT just normals. Being a normal issue that hadn’t occurred to me, but solved!