Heavy splotches in GI using RTX

I’m just testing in an old scene but it really looks terrible on my system

The light configuration has been reseted to use the most simple one you can imagine: a skylight + direct light also I tried to increase the bounces and so, but I didn’t manage to ride of this kind of artifacts.

Thank you in advance for any tip!

RTGI is an experimental feature. You can’t really get useable results from it. You can crank up the samples if you’re rendering stills but it destroys performance. Best to avoid it just now.

I’m not worried about performance but an aceptable visual results

You need to adjust the samples and denoiser

How is this done, or what reference source guides users for proper adjustment of these features?

For the samples and bounces for most of the raytracing features, they could be found in the Post-Process Volume. Otherwise you can also do it as a cvar with: *r.raytracing. *and type in your specific effect like *r.raytracing.globalillumination. *and you’ll see a bunch of additional options that may or may not improve performance and visuals for you. Some are experimental, some are specific to certain use cases.

Start by reading this:
As commented above, RTGI is currently highly experimental. You can get very crappy results if you are unfamiliar with how to control this new beast. Things like albedo/color brightness and roughness as well as properly tweaked light intensity can and will have a dramatic impact on how your scene looks in terms of noise. Getting noise-free scenes with the default settings (to keep acceptable fps) is currently nigh impossible. The denoiser algorithm simply isn’t good enough yet. Increasing samples will help but only up to a certain level. Good luck xD!

The quality is kinda bad for RTGI, it might be related to the denoiser but even that will get better.

Thank you all for your responses!