Heat shimmer on opaque surface?


I just need a little hint what’s the best way to approach this.
Basically image if you want to have a dynamic distortion on a hot surface. Distortion like this:

My initial idea is mixing a few moving normal maps. Is there any better ideas available?


Edit: This is the surface I want the distortion on:

I have been relying on particles for that in past.

I saw this here which talks about heat haze.

BTW: Very details surface!


Render same mesh with transparent material that has refraction effect with some normal maps. Make that mesh either slightly bigger or use world position offset either with camera offset or world normal offset.

I ended up creating a simple 2 poly mesh and attached it to the lava mesh, applying the translucent material to it with some panning normal maps gives me really good results. Thank you all! :slight_smile: