Heat Haze / Mirage effect

Hi, I’m building a desert style level and was wondering if any one knows how to create a heat haze or mirage effect, getting stronger with distance.

Link to a tutorial or some instructions would really help,


Im not 100% sure, but I think the vehicle demo has something like that. Otherwise take a look at the heat distortion from the fire particles :slight_smile:

Easy effect to replicate, Look at one of the fire effects, Only thing you need to add is a way to control it’s power over distance.

Not the VehicleGame (just checked), but the Content Examples demo has a material called M_HeatShimmer in Assets\Materials, and I think there is another one as well called M_HeatDistortion in one of the blueprint communication examples (the one where you spray fire or water onto three different spheres).

Thanks guys, I’ll check out those assets and see if they are suitable for my purpose or can be manipulated into being suitable

The material called M_HeatShimmer in the Content Examples demo looks promising. In the content browser thumbnail I can see the effect working well but when I apply the material to a plain or static mesh I don’t see any effect happening and I cant figure out why.

  1. The heatshimmer material from the Content Examples relies on vertex colors in the mesh to apply refraction. Since vertex colors are default white, it doesn’t have any effect.