Headless Studios looking for artists and programmers for a game project

Hello there Developers … |
I am working on a game project . its a Third person Open world , Fantasy , adventure , action game |
i am going to give you a piece of the plot … cut from the GDD ("Game Development Document ") that i am currently writing … |

	In a Universe Where _Emitters Exist . who can control Elements by Bending The Particles 

. Each _Tribe has been tasked to protect an element and have been given rules . One of the most
important ones is that its forbidden for Two people from different Tribes to have a baby . its wasn’t long
until an event that lead to the destruction of time and Space . that was the birth of a half Time and Half
Space Child . that happened after a man from Time fell in love with a woman from Space not listening to
Anybody they got married . in that night . that was the birth of a half Time and Half Space Child . who
broke the Rule . and the two parents turned into Ash . Cursing this world with them . and leaving a Half
Breed Child . who is able to control both Time and Space . because of the inability for the two tribes to
Stop the two lovers . a war has been waged against them by All tribes which lead to their destruction .
The Child has been saved by a normal human . who cannot control Particles . after 20 years . the child .
who was named “Cannot think of a name” . is on a quest to find an Artifact (“The Great Map “)
which he believes will Fix Everything . but on his journey he will have to survive in a world where he is
hunted By Everyone around him

  • “_” means it hasn’t been fully decided

                        Here are some advantages to this plot / story in the world design ... also cut from the GDD

• The game World will have a post apocalyptic aspect to it .
• Having the time broken means we will have freedom of design by mixing Past and old with Modern and also Futuristic .
• Having the Space Broken means we are going to have freedom in the world design by going insane . Putting volcanos next to oceans next to the artic …

                                          ---<What am i looking for >---

-)))- Artists

   - Concept artists
   - 3D Modelers 
         - Character modelling
         - Environment (Props - buildings .....)
   - Level Designers
   - Composers / Music Design 
   - Animators 

-)))- Programmers

    - Blueprint programmers
    - C++ programmers 

it would be rude to ask for help and to ask for talent without telling you guys what is my role …

                 I am a :

            - blueprint programmer
            - 3D modeler (Environment modeler)
            - Level designer
            - Story Writer

if you are a new to UE4 and Game development . you can also join . you can help us and learn from it

                ---< Application >---
  • Role (Artist /& programmer):
  • Name :
  • Some examples of your work (depends on role) {You can leave this empty }:
  • add additionnal info about you if you want.

                ---< how are we going to work >---

each month we will have meeting ( 3 of them ) . we will make a To Do list
then everybody choses what he wants to do from it . and we will work …

                 ---< when will we start >---

around two weeks from now when we have gathered members and done 2 meetings

               ---< How to join >---

Join our Discord and post your application there .

              ---< Payment >---

   Everybody will be payed after we Kickstarter our project and after we publish it

      Anyways thanks for teading our post

Edit : More Information :

  • When it comes to the name . it hasn’t been decided yet . so Lets leave it at code Name Tribes
  • It will be a Third Person Shooter (TPS) . with an Open world .
  • It will have a realistic Art Style
  • Multiplayer will be something Optional (Secondary Goal)
  • The game will have some RPG elements
  • It will be a Action , Fantasy , Adventure Game
  • Player can fight using Guns / Swords
  • AI can memorize you play style
  • It will have randomly generated dungeons as Side Quests and non randomly generated dungeons

edit 2 :

                                  Just wanted to add this , I want to let you know that i am not just giving an idea . and that i started working on the project already for a month now
                I have character movement (HQ) and Crouching and Pistol movement with basic shooting And mediocre IK and also basic sword movement .....


I may have no concept art but i can share some pictures of what i have done till Now (BTW , thank you @teak421 for your suggestion):

Sword Movement and basic attack :

Pistol movement and basic shooting :

Crouching :

IK :

And Glitchy AF Parkour :wink: : (Or as i call it . AC Unity Parkour :p) :

Got any concept art to show…? That might be cool for people to check out…


well . i am sorry . but i am no concept artist . i am terrible at drawing :frowning:

BTW i have gotten 2 new members

  • Music Composer
  • 3D Modeler

Thank you for giving us your opinion @TechLord … you make some really good points there .
When it comes to multiplayer . I actually said it was optional For Now. the reason for that is that we want to focus on creating a world and a universe that players will like and to also build the story and the mechanics .
I have always thought about multiplayer . and i had some really cool ideas .

  • Co-Op : I must admit that co-op is gonna be a great thing for this game . to be able to call your friends and play with them … explore the World together . do dungeons and split treasure with each other . he can take it to his own world…

  • Multiplayer :

  • Competitive : Doing 1 Vs 1 challenges . you choose the tribe you wanna play as and you have a fight with the enemy to death . you can also bid items and the winner takes all . you don’t have to fight Solo . you can also do 2 vs 2 / 4 V 4 . and

                   Also . i was thinking about full scale wars . that will work well with a clan system . you don't have to fight on a specific area . you can choose where to fight from the game map :) also a Free Roam multiplayer

I was thinking about multiplayer but i thought it should be left until we get funding for servers …Etc…

But since you brought it up i remembered how much of a pain in the - it would be to Add it later since we will have to revisit the whole Blueprints and rework some of them if we need to .

  • Thanks about the advice about Concept Art :slight_smile:

  • What i mean when it comes to “The game World will have a post apocalyptic aspect to it” is that the game word is not going to start as a typical "Everything is awesome " but that everything has a dark past . When you start , the game world will have that normal astetic , but as you progress . the world changes until it turns into a post apocalyptic kind of world , that is filled with misery and sadness and war . that is just to raise the bar for the player . to encourage them to finish the game and to progress . and that
    also makes sense since the item / artifact the player is trying to get (called “The Great Map”) is to guide the player to another universe , where everyone will have a fresh start . and that’s also because the world Has been dark since its beginning (Will be discovered in the end of the game) .

  • I am also using alot of assets for our game like AdvancedLocomotion and Kubold’s animsets …

  • Well i don’t want to talk about Marketing and stuff like that in public . can we talk in your discord about it or mine . I have some really great ideas

And thanks for your time

Edit :

  • Oh and about the title . its just a code name . i want to think of a title with my team so everyone has a say in it . and we actually just need A programmer and an Animator and if possible a 3D modeler

Interested in the music/sound design position! Shoot an email to for portfolio and music links!

Sorry But i already have 2 Composers/ Sound Designers

Alright no worry! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

No Problem .

We would like Animators for the team . :slight_smile:

Hi DproBoy,

I’m a Blueprints Engineer and you can check out some of my UE4 work here. Did you by chance purchase a bunch of Marketplace Assets and came up with a game concept to incorporate them all? If so, Your Game Plot sounds pretty intriguing and ideal for incorporating an assortment of assets mix-matched in theme/purpose. Find a way to use my massive asset library has been personal struggle for me and I’m actively seeking ideas. You are a Jack-of-all-Trades and the type of Developer I would seriously consider partnering with. I like what you have presented thus far, is there room for more ideas?

- Multiplayer will be something Optional (Secondary Goal).

My first self-assigned task as a BP Engineer would be to advise the following in regards to Multiplayer. If you intend to incorporate any form of local/networked multiplayer (and you should… as a single player game can benefit multiplayer support using Player Control for typically NPC Roles), I’d would urge for network implementation upfront as it dictates how we design Actors/Variables/Functions for replication. It would be extremely painful to retrofit the codebase for networking.

Need concept Art? We all do. I’m code-centric and have been developing solo. There is NO Art Dept. My advice is embed pics to images other media from the web that conveys close to what you envision. Thats what I do. Sometimes I go as far as to edit them with GIMP. Copy - Transform - Combine. You get better with practice. Thats how this became this, spawning the idea of using anisotropic reflections for body armour.

Can you elaborate on what you mean: The game World will have a post apocalyptic aspect to it. I’m curious about this because there are large number of Post Apocalyptic games. Watching this video inspires all types of Post Apocalyptic Scenes in my mind. What about a Pre-Apocalyptic aspect? This was direction I was considering for this open world survival concept. In a nutshell, the idea is be able to gradually destroy the world in real-time, slowly decaying non-organics, growing organics (foilage, wildlife populations) over time. I have Ideas for achieving this with Destructible Meshes, Runtime Procedural Damage (ie Rust, Corrosion) and Foliage Growth Materials.

I think its a great idea to use a working title for the game. It can be source of inspiration, motivation, and focus. However, Tribesis a well known FPS. Its game engine Torque 3D is the flagship product for I’m not going to recommend any changes, but, I will say that working title reminds of game Tribes/Torque3D. I see several potential Working Titles hiding in the first paragraph of the game’s story.

I’m attracted to projects with Royalty Offers. However, I shy away from those without solid monetization strategy or says stuff like: Everybody will be payed after we Kickstarter our project and after we publish it. Before I investing Time, Skill, Resources I need to know how will this game generate revenue? How do you intend to promote and market this game product?

Good question :wink:

Hello [USER=“20634”]David Boura[/USER], My apologies. is under new management and this project was cancelled last year. Our new and current project can be found here.

So this means, that this project is dead and all work put in it by anyone was for nothing? Now you start another project?