Head IK Problems (very IKy)

I have a VR Character, character has a mesh with animations. I set up hand IK following youtube video. Works great. When I run I get camera shake and if I move head then I clip through my own head in game its trippy (not the good kind of trippy neither, like a harsh kind of trippy) anyways. When I attach (mesh) head to VR camera, the camera spins in all directions perpetually (even bigger buzzkill than the running animations cause)

To set up the hands I referenced the controller transforms in event graph of AnimBP
Then in AnimGraph is used FabrIK from hands to clavicles, then used transform bone to fix some rotations.

I figured that I could do the same with the head, I made a reference to camera in event graph

I used FABRIk from head to neck same as above. It was terrible. I tried the spine, the root, everything I could.

IU tried workarounds and detaching the camera from vrorigin and attaching to capsule. no good progress

I cried in the shower (so nobody would know) then I came here for help.

Also the he
ad and camera spin while in the characters BP Viewport. it just goes crazy. I checked if it is trying to get rotation of a bone attached to the vr origin which is rotating the head again in a vicious cycle. It seems like it but I tried different things and it is not (or I cant figure it out) at least

The problem was what I thought it could have been. Head attached Vr Camera, Vr Camera attached VrOrigin, VrOrigin attached to head :frowning: