Head Collision based on HMD position

Hey all I’m trying to add head collision to my character so that players can take damage if an object overlaps with a collision sphere. I have it working but I’m using an Event Tick to attach the cube to the position of the HMD like so HeadCollision.PNG

I have always heard that its better to avoid using Event Ticks because it could get taxing on the system especially in VR so I’m wondering if anyone is handling head collisions differently.

PS what is the Camera Component for? Before I thought it was following the HMD orientation and rotation but after printing its location to the screen I found that it stays at the position I set it to, in my case it’s eye level. It seems that the only thing its doing is setting the start position of HMD and then nothing else. I could be wrong. Please someone enlighten me!

Just drag your Head Collision component onto your character mesh component, then you won’t need to move it every tick.

So I did that and then printed out its values (event tick) and they went back to the default value with out any movement being updated