Does the engine support it? I didn’t think I would but I thought I ask just in case :slight_smile:

We support importing .HDR files but we do not accept .TIF files.

So we just apply them to a sphere/dome like we would normally do in Maya? Just put the HDR file in the diffuse slot of the material and apply or no?

Am not sure but i think HDRi is only used for Ambient Cubemap…right?

Yeah, you can use it either as Ambient Cubemap of a post process volume, or for a skylight.

And here I thought we could use HDRIs in materials. Just tried to see, and yeah, I get this error
“Error [SM5] (Node TextureSample) Coercion failed: MaterialFloat2 Local0 = (Parameters.TexCoords[0].xy * 1.00000000);
: float2 -> float3”

Unless there is something that I’m missing or doing wrong.

So how would one go about getting the background to match the lighting of an HDRI without flattening it to a non HDR format?

Even if you can do that the engine downsizes HDR images to 512x512 in game so it would’t be suitable for background. You need to change it’s format to png or tga and import like that and use that one for background.

Ah, didn’t realize they down size too. I guess the best/only approach is like you said, convert to 8bit or 16bit, and then reconstruct/simulate the HRD in the material.

Not sure if this thread is the right one, but i just realized the downscaling of the HDRs. So i converted the HDR into a png but this can’t be used as a cubemap for the Sky_Sphere and the UV mapping of the SM_Sky_Sphere is not fitting a equirectangular mapping.
Do i have to redo the texture to fit the mapping of the Sphere or ist there another way to make it fit?