Is there a tutorial how to apply them? Do they go on the skylight amd set to cube? Or do they go somewhere else? Would like to get the reflection to get helped by it and also some light from it. Anyone help?

There are tons of tutorials both on youtube and on other sites, just search for them.

Hi William, I am aware. Wanted to see what approach everyone is using. Since some tuts are a outdated. Lile the bounce cards not being necessary no more. But thxs for the link, i have read it.

You will always need bounce cards in certain situations, for instance creating area lights. But yes I understand setting up HDR lighting isn’t quite straightforward as it may be, for instance what that guy did in the tutorial was setup a sphere and then had the Skylight capture it, does this break light information found in 32 bit files? I’m not sure yet. on the the other hand if you plug in the HDR directly into skylight you are reserved to only 512 resolution because of the format limitation in UE which may be too low for light information. It’s still ‘out there’ for me.

Yeah… tjey guy didnt show how to create the hdri material too. Had to search more but figured it out. Thxs for the imput.