hdri SkyLight and indoor (wrong) reflections - Archviz question

Hi all,

This is driving me bonkers, and cannot seem to figure out how to fix it.

I’m testing UE4 with an old archviz project I once did. I’m getting along fairly nicely, but reflections are driving me mad atm.

I have a SkyLight with a HDRI attached to it, and for the interior I have some reflection spheres to pick up reflections for my glossy materials.
But I’m getting the SkyLight HDRI everywhere,on top of the reflections inside the model.

If I use a BoxReflection, it’s better but nearby brightly colored objects will spill into the reflection map. According to the manual this is a issue with BoxReflection Actors.

Is there any way to get rid of this behavior, besides taking the HDRI off of the SkyLight? It shows really well in the topleft corner of the room. In the image you can clearly see the sky and buildings outside, on top of the ‘regular’ reflections.
It also shows the wrong reflections on the red cabinet on the right, or in the back on the left.

Thanks for any tips!!

UE4 apprentice :wink:

I would get rid of the skylight, having an HDRI won’t do much for an interior scene, you can pretty much get the effect you want with using the environment intensity in the global lightmass settings and a directional light.


Yes, that woulds make sense… I removed the SkyLight as you suggested, but had to fiddle with the various light settings overall to get it back to a point where it was more or less the same.
One of my ‘hickups’ witj UE4 is that it calculates light differently from renderers like V-Ray, Arnold or RedShift.
Makes it a bit of a guessing game before the baking process. :wink:

I found some nice stuff and demo scenes on archviz rendering, also on the koola method. Will have a look at that as well.